Design from the Ground Up

Since 1972 Beverly Ellsley has been involved in every area of luxury home design and construction. From disassembling and reconstructing 18th century post and beam houses to contemporary steel and glass designs. In 1995 her daughter Rebecca joined her in the business. Together they renovate existing houses, design and build additions and whole houses from the ground up. They have owned their own cabinetry shop and designed and manufactured the very best kitchens, libraries and other built ins they could possibly make. Their interior designs and furnishings have spanned every known style. Rebecca is also a real estate agent, she handles the purchasing and listing of houses for their clients as well as their own properties. Rebecca has a far greater understanding of properties potential than most realtors because of her extensive design and construction background.

Beverly has been on the design advisory boards of numerous companies including the Pella Window company, the Sub zero company, and the Minwax company. Beverly designed a line of woodcarvings for the Enkeboll company called the Villa collection for the architectural and cabinetry industry. She has designed trade show booths for Enkeboll and done design guides for how to use the products she designed for them.They have been published hundreds of times in numerous shelter magazines, newspaper articles, books and featured in many television programs and radio talk shows. They have participated in at least 25 designer showhouses including the prestigious Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse in New York seven times. Beverly has designed rugs, dinnerware and furniture which they have produced themselves.


Recently Beverly was highlighted by Kitchen & Bath Design News, as on of the top innovators leading the way for the industry and elevating the kitchen and bath trade. Here is the excerpt.

Beverly Ellsley
Crafting custom looks demonstrates designer's passion for excellence.

Luxury home design is the forté for Beverly Ellsley, president of Beverly Ellsley Design. Her home base of Westport, CT offers the opportunity to design for every type of residence – from 18th century homes to contemporary steel and glass structures.

Ellsley, who has been actively designing since the 1970s, shows no signs of slowing down, now creating beautiful spaces with her daughter Rebecca, who joined her in the business in 1995. She even started her own cabinetry shop for the purpose of implementing her fine furniture-quality cabinets for kitchens, libraries and other spaces with built-in cabinets.

She served on the design advisory boards of numerous companies, including Pella Window company, Sub-Zero and Minwax. Her Villa collection of woodcarvings for Enkeboll showcases her love of details, and the design guides she wrote for the company reflect her expressive and meticulous style. Her company has also produced rugs, dinnerware and furniture that feature art she created.

The company's designs have been published hundreds of times in numerous magazines, newspaper articles and books, and the mother-daughter team has been featured on radio talk shows and television programs. Shophouses are a particular passion, as the designer has participated in at least 25 designer showhomes, including the prestigious Kipp's Bay Decorator Shophouse in New York seven times.