Substantial and elegant and built to last for decades each cabinet is designed individually for the space and for the house it will be installed in. There is no catalogue....only magazine photos of other jobs we have done and a concept of what is desired for the overall look. Beverly started designing kitchens in the early 1970's when working on several 18th century houses that required cabinetry with inset doors of a more furniture like appearance than what was available. She incorporated hand planing and hand wrought hinges and curly maple wood countertops into some of those early designs. Many of the projects installed in the 1970, 80's and 90 are still in use today. It is often noted in the real estate listing when selling a house that it has a Beverly Ellsley kitchen.

Space planning being the most important part of every project she has also worked with other cabinet company lines when budget considerations do not allow for building the custom work in the shop she started in 1970's.